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Review your design dimensionally!

The prono DR is 3D design application for manufacturing based on VR Head-mounted display (HMD, such as Oculus Rift).
It converts 3D CAD data format to a certain format to make review possible using by VR HMD.
Conventionally, All you can watch is simply a view of displayed 3D CAD model through the monitor.
But with this service, you can dive into a virtual reality space of CAD you designed, and you can check each every parts and status of assembly at 3D design review for yourself.
It’s quick and real!


Fast, intuitive operation

Smooth data operation by the wizard interface. Viewpoint movement at review corresponds to the controller and keyboard.

*Convertion time depends on the 3D CAD data size.

Improve the accuracy of design review

Immersive and realistic design reviews can be in the world like being in place and it makes the accuracy of design review improve.


Compared to traditional expensive system, it kept the significant cost.

*Supported 3D CAD format is a Solid-works (Solid Works). “STEP”and “parasolid” format are also supportable as an option.

System requirements (April 10, 2015 Update)

Although based also on the capacity of the 3D CAD data to be converted to design review,
prono DR requires the processing speed of the PC for data converting or design review.
Upon realization of a comfortable and stable user environment, We are asking for the use of a PC environment by our recommendation.

MSI GT72 2QE-1241JP
Windows 8.1
Intel ® Core™ i7-4710HQ Processor
17.3 inch FullHD(1920x1080) non-glare display
DDR3L-1600MHz 16GB(8GB×2)、 Max loaded 32GB(Num of slot ×2)
256GB SSD(Super RAID、128GB×2) + 1TB 7200rpm HDD
428(W) x 294(D) x 48(H)mm
3.78kg (incl. battery)

* MSI Web site
* Compatible controller:ELECOM JC-U3412S series

Company summary (Sales / Development)

Prono DR has been created by collaboration with pronohearts Inc. which holds consulting knowhow of 3D CAD, and Up-frontier, Inc. which mainly develops smartphone apps,
web system and VR contents.pronohearts Inc. had an original service with the same name which supplying since Jan. 2014, and redesigned them. Up-frontier, Inc. has developed
the whole application system. pronohearts Inc. provides consulting knowhow of 3D CAD and Up-frontier, Inc provides development method for application. And this collaboration
brought fully new 3D CAD design review application. We carefully watch for the feedback from users and make use of them for additional functions, and service development.
Stay tuned!

pronohearts Inc. ・・・
Up-frontier, Inc. ・・・